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Carl Galletti
Friday, 11:11 AM

Dear Friend,

    If you expect profitable results from the copy you write, let me tell you about a Coywriting Course that REALLY delivers. And FAST!

    About 12 years ago when I started this course, your only choice was “reading” about how to write copy. But you can’t really just “read” about it and expect very good results, now, can you?

    That’s why I developed this revolutionary copywriting course. It had more than information. It had my “secret” writing exercises that were specially developed to increase your copywriting ability – no matter what level you are on.

The Best Course To Learn How To Write Copy

    There is no copywriting course that compares.

    I began by coaching individuals one-on-one. That way I could find out first hand what they needed to know. And I could guide them along every step in a very customized way.

    I called my copywriting course The Copywriter Protege Program and now charge $5,000.00 for it. Actually, it was probably too cheap considering that writing one single sales letter for a client could bring you $5,000.00-$6,000.00, even for a beginner.

Seasoned professionals make up to
$15,000.00 per assignment and more!

    You know, I can remember talking with Gene Schwartz on the phone one day and he was telling me how he wrote a letter for The Encyclopedia of Natural Healing and how it sold 1,980,000 copies at $25 a piece. I quickly did the math and screamed…

“Holy Cow! That’s Nearly $50 Million Bucks!!!”

    He laughed and said, “Yeah, I guess that’s about right.” That totally changed my life. From then on I decided that one day I would be writing copy ONLY for my own projects. It was hard at first. I mean, getting paid $6,500.00, $10,000.00, and up to $15,000.00 to write a sales letter or web site is pretty good money.

    But I was determined. And eventually I fired all my clients and set out on my own. Now I make much more money than I ever did working for clients. And it’s much more satisfying. It’s a lot more exciting to work on my own projects and joint ventures than someone else’s.

    I began advising all of my proteges to write for themselves, too. And that’s what I advise you to do. There’s a lot of money to be made by people who can write their own copy and do it well. Some have made millions.

    And with the Internet, there are more opportunities today than ever before.

    Why make just $5,000.00 or $6,000.00… even $15,000.00 per project when you can make many more times that amount… and make it over and over again for as long as the market will bear? And the Internet has made that a huge marketplace.

    Yes, it’s a great idea but…

How Does Someone Get Good Enough
to Make that Kind of Money?

    You can’t get it out of books. I know, I’ve had countless people confess to me that they had read all the books but still couldn’t get the results I was getting. 

    I knew a course was needed. And not just any course. This one had to be good enough to turn anyone, even a non-writer, into a copywriting genius who could really get results.

    I designed exercises that would build writing skills in general and copywriting skills in particular. I spent a lot of time on the phone coaching my proteges and making sure they knew exactly how to go about generating the kind of copy that I had become Internationally famous for. The kind of copy that would get them results. And put BIG BUCKS in their wallets.

“By using the techniques I learned from Carl I was able to make a little over $147,000.00 the first year after opening my new company. Additionally, I realistically believe that he has helped me earn well over $750,000.00 since then. Whatever you have to do, GET HIS STUFF NOW!”

Joe Williams
Speaking Dynamics International
(Joe is one of Tony Robbins’ top trainers, teaching at the “Date With Destiny” and “Mastery” levels)

    And, by God, it worked. I had proteges that were now competing with other top copywriters. I can remember Ralph Charlton getting so excited because his “martial arts” promotion was competing with a top copywriter who was a legend… and Ralph’s copy was kickin’ his butt.

    Another, Bob Scheinfeld, mailed his sales letter one Saturday morning to his small list of 190 people and by the close of business on Monday, had already booked 19 people into his seminar. And by the time the seminar rolled around he had signed up 75 people. That’s an amazing…

39.4% RESPONSE!!!

    Then there was Brian Keith Voiles who has become one of the top copywriters in the world.

    Anyway, I could go on but I think you get the idea. It produced some amazing copywriters.

    And although it was quite a successful program, it took up a lot of my time. So, after a couple years of doing it, I gave the entire copywriting course as a seminar in just four days. I also had it video taped. All four days. About 24-25 hours total.

    From then on, I’d include the video tapes in the package with the audio sound track on cassette, some other bonus materials, and over a thousand pages of printed material.

    I kept the coaching but my phone rang a lot less after that. Usually, the answers to all of their questions and lots of other things they needed to know were on those tapes.

    Since that time I’ve raised the price of the course. It’s now $4,997.00 because of the “unlimited coaching time” I promise. It’s a mine field out there and if you need a copywriting coach to guide you through the obstacles, there’s no better way to learn (see

    But recently I got to thinking that maybe I should break away the videos and sell them separately. It would make the course much more affordable. Heck, you could get it for a fraction of the what the full program costs.

    Most people seem to get along perfectly fine without the coaching. And those that need it can always buy as much as they need and no more. That way they’ll save a lot of money and still get the benefits of the program.

    That’s how this copywriting course came to be. I call it my…

Copywriter Progtege VIDEO Course

    It consists of about 25 hours of video on 13 DVDs. This is the most extensive copywriting course ever created. You will be shown exactly how to turn out hard driving, effective, money-making copy for sales letters, ads and web sites.

    Plus, you’ll be able to write much more powerful newsletters, ezines, and emails, including follow-up (autoresponder) messages. And even more… you’ll be able to create artilces, ebooks and other products that have a higher perception of value and attract a lot of attention and buyers.

    Top Internet marketers with this copywriting course include famous names such as: Armand Morin, Kirt Christensen, Stephen Pierce, Ryan Deiss, Yanik Silver, Len Thurmond, Frank Garon, Bob Silber, Rich Schefren, Jason Potash, Alex Mandossian and many others.

Len Thurmond
Editor of ‘The Affiliate Review’

“I just finished listening to your Copywriter Protégé Program, and I was TOTALLY Blown Away!

I’ve been studying Copywriting for several years now, and
have read and listened to MANY great copywriters. But I have never heard it put in such a simple understandable tutorial, as your program explained it.

Not only do you give great information, but you have an
ingenious way of bringing it home with your examples, and the history behind the theory.

I’ve heard you talk many times, so I knew you were a great
teacher, but I never expected the level of comprehension you brought to us with this great set of CDs.

My copywriting, and the resulting conversions, have improved tremendously already, and I intend to listen to your course over and over again. Because I know, I’ll improve even more, with each listening.

I hope you put on another live workshop soon. You can bet, I’ll be there!

Thanks for this opportunity, Carl. I can’t recommend your
course highly enough!”

You’ll get a lot out of this COPYWRITING COURSE

Here Is Just Some Of What You Can Expect:

(This is only a PARTIAL LIST!)

  • How To Apply Basic Copywriting Principles To The Internet
  • How To Solve Every Letter Writer’s Greatest Problem
  • Direct Mail Alchemy: A Secret Comparable To Turning Lead Into Gold!
  • A Simple Technique That Gets Up To 20% Response From Your Direct Mail
  • Anatomy of a Million Dollar Sales Letter
  • How To Get Testimonials And Use Them To Boost Sales
  • A Breakthrough Approach To Organizing Your Letter So It Practically Writes Itself
  • 11 Ways To Formulate A Unique Selling Proposition
  • How To Create A Powerful Central Selling Idea
  • What You Need To Know About The Internet To Make Your Copy Work
  • How To Create An Offer That Is Irresistible
  • A Secret Technique That Multiplies Sales From Your Letter By Up To 600% – Maybe Even More!
  • How To Guarantee That Your Letter Is Received, Read And Responded To
  • Where To Get The Best Ideas For Your Ad’s Central Selling Theme.
  • 21 Ways To Improve Your Ad… After You’ve Done All You Could To Make It Your Best
  • The Greatest Money-Making Secret Of All Time
  • The Best Bargain Offered by the US Post Office and How You Can Make BIG BUCKS from it!
  • How To Become An Instant Expert On Just About Anything
  • How To Get The Best Clients
  • How To Get Your Clients To Pay In Advance
  • The Most Important Part Of Every Letter You Write
  • Why You May Not Want To Write For A Client And How You Can Make A Hundred Times More Money By Turning Down Client Work
  • 3 Simple Techniques For Generating The Best Money-Making Ideas For Your Own Letters
  • How To TRIPLE Your Letter Writing Income Without Increasing Your Letter Writing Workload
  • A List Of Words You Must NEVER Use In Any Of Your Letters
  • The Magic Triangle And How It Will Skyrocket Your Own Personal Fortune
  • One Simple Sentence You Must Never Forget If You Expect To Ever Be Successful
  • How To Get The Federal Government To Finance Your Growth
  • The 7 Magic Steps To A Winning Direct Mail Sales Letter
  • How To Put Selling Power Into Everything You Write
  • How To Use A Little Known Technique To Boost Your Response Rate Into Double Digits – this is a very successful technique I used to get up to a 15% response. The most amazing part of this technique is that the copy took all of 15 minutes to write but actually has little if anything to do with the response. To my knowledge, no one but me is currently using this technique.
“Carl, just wanted to write and tell you how really and truly helpful I found your “Copywriter Protege Program” to be.“Most people get intimidated by their inability to write good ad copy, but your system here will have them confident and competent in no time at all.

“You really do show the average person how to quickly, easily and effectively write ad copy that will work – without having to put years and years of practice into it. People should know that this material is very easy to understand and really is set up to produce results.

“In fact, I wish I’d have seen it 8 years ago when I first got my start in this business. I’d be hundreds of thousands of dollars ahead of where I am today, and that’s a conservative estimate.

“Your Protege Program has made an immediate difference to my bottom line, and this note is just to say “thanks again for helping me!”

Frank Garon

  • How To Get A Government Agency To Bank Roll A Major Mailing
  • 5 Suggestions For Producing Effective Order Forms
  • 20 Questions That Will Improve All Your Copy
  • 10 Suggestions On Preparing Your Copy
  • What You Should Know About Your Copyright Notice
  • Eight Common Mistakes That Must Be Avoided
  • How To Profit From FREE Publicity
  • How To Motivate Yourself And Others
  • How To Get Merchant Status To Handle Credit Card Orders
  • Twenty-Seven Proven Ways To Answer Objections For Salespeople: Sure-Fire Ways To Overcome The Toughest Objections You’ll Ever Get
  • Proven Sales Ideas You Can Use!
  • How To Get Other People To Finance Your Projects
  • The Greatest Direct Mail Secret Of All Time
  • The Prime Motives That Make People Buy From You
  • What Are the Essential Elements in Every Good Sales Letter and How You Can Use Them To Entice The Prospect To Buy From You RIGHT NOW!
  • The Almost Magic Technique That Transforms You Into A Copywriting Genius
  • The Very First Thing You Must Do Before You Ever Write A Word of Your Copy
  • How To Capture The Skills of The Very Best Copywriters and Make Them Your Own

“I figure your Copywriter Protégé Program will be worth at least $10,000 to me — PER MONTH!

“Recently, I had come to the realization that copywriting really was the heart and soul of everything we do as direct marketers. Your protégé program proved me right.

“Even the best product, or the most needed service, is difficult to sell unless you have the ability to weave a convincing sales message. And whether you deliver that message in person, through the airwaves, or in print, the task of constructing that message is the same; you’ve got to write it down first!

“What your copywriting course has done for me personally is immeasurable. I’m not exaggerating when I tell you this…Your gifts as a copywriter are surpassed only by your generosity, patience, and skill as an educator. And I am damn proud to be your protégé!”

David Martin

And that’s not all. Because the full course had over 1000 pages of information and audio tapes, I decided to put most of the printed pages on CDROM. And because I didn’t have everything in a format where I could put it on CDROM, I over compensated by including a lot of extra stuff that isn’t even included with the full program.

Just Take A Look At The Bonuses You’ll Get


  • Carl Galletti’s Million Dollar Marketing System – (Value: $197.00)
    Shows you a proven system that generated up to six figures per month. Very easy to adopt to the Internet.
  • Marketing Made Easy Workshop by Carl Galletti (1 video and 12 audios transcribed, plus 9 manuals – I’ve been selling this for the past 10 years at: $297.00)
  • Great Headlines Instantly by Robert Boduch (258 pages w/bonuses – Value: $67.00) How To Attract More Interested, Enthusiastic Prospects… More Customers… And More Cash Profits From Every Ad, Sales Letter, Web Page, Or Any Other Marketing Piece You Ever Use — 100% GUARANTEED! Discover The Secrets Of The Most Successful Headlines Of All Time! How To Achieve Record-Breaking Response Rates, Explosive Sales Growth, And Maximum Profits Without Spending A Penny More! Boost your response rates by a whopping 1700%? Imagine making up to seventeen times as much money, automatically… effortlessly… and without spending a penny more! It has been done. Now you can do it, too. The Number One Secret To Successful Marketing
  • 2001 Greatest Headlines (Value: $49.97)
    Tested and proven headlines. The greatest collection ever assembled.
  • 850 Words That Sell Like Crazy
  • Writer’s Friend (Value: $97.00)
    Easy to use software that creates ads, letters and web sites that have more selling power and do it quicker and easier than ever before.
  • Promotion Analyzer (Value: $97)
    Easy to use software tool lets you figure out which promotions are winners.
  • The First Hundred Million by E. Haldemann Julius (Value: $49.97)
    Highly recommended by Gary Halbert as a secret marketing tool for headlines, titles, bullets and product selection.
  • How To Increase Your Profits by Peter Sun (Value: $297.00)
    An entire marketing course, similar to the marketing principles you see from Jay Abraham (at much higher prices) with actual examples included.
  • How To Make Maximum Profits In Minimum Time by Peter Sun (Value: $100.00)
    Outstanding issues for the $197/year newsletter from Australia’s foremost marketing expert.
  • Ultimate Collection of Winning Sales Letters (258 pages – Value: $100.00)
    A collection of 27 professionally written and tested sales letters. A wealth of information. A ready-made swipe file.
  • 301 Direct Mail Tips, Techniques and Secrets – An Inside Guide To Direct Marketing by Bill Myers (191 pages – Value: $23.95)
    How to keep prospects from putting your letter aside and how to get them to order now — The part of a sales letter you need to succeed — 18 proven tips for getting “in the mood” to write responsive copy — How to get a “reluctant recipient” to read your copy — The minimum number of headlines you should read before you even sit down to write… and why — How to select hot product that will sell like hot cakes — Understanding how to get killer response from your copy — How to create an order form that will dramatically improve your results.
  • Name Razor (Value: $34.97)
    A software product that helps you select names for your products, business, etc.
  • Paperless Newsletter Publisher’s Guide (170 pages w/bonuses – Value: $97.00)
    A step by step of how to produce your own membership sites and get paid every single month.
  • New Busines Power Marketing – How To Get All the Leads You’ll Ever Need for Your Business (with Resale Rights – Value: 1997.00)
  • Classified Magic – How To Make Your Small Ads Pay Off BIG by Robert Boduch (82 pages – Value: $39.00)
  • Create Your First Website in 10 Days (152 pages – Value: $69.95)
    The easiest way ever to create your own business web site for the technically challenged
  • Digital Selling Power (69 pages – Value: $12.95)
  • One Marketing Secret (Value: 19.95)
  • eBay Secrets REVEALED (154 pages – Value: $39.95) What no one else will EVER tell you about how to make money on the world’s most popular trading site.
  • Electronic Publishing (213 pages – Value: $49.95)
    A guide to marketing strategies, business models and essential resources for anyone who wants to sell original content online profitably.
  • Free To Sell (Value: $49.95)
    A collection of 56 products with reprint/resale rights.
  • PopUp Generator with Resale Rights (Value: $34.95)
  • Diret Marketing Toolbox (Value: $29.00)
    Now you can have isntant access to the tools used by expert direct marketers everywhere. Predesigned spreadsheets that help you to evaluate marketing campaigns, figure costs and predict profits.
  • How To Sell Books On The Internet (159 pages – Value: $39.95)
    How to make a living selling used, out-of-print and collectible books on the Internet. Books can be sold for pennies at yard sales and sold for hundreds online, if you know the tricks explained in this book.
  • 55 Ebook Marketing Opportunities (Value: $29.95)
    Directories where you can feature your ebooks, ebookstores where you can sell your ebooks and lots of other resources for the ebook marketer.
  • 101 Instant Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business by Markus Allen (139 pages – Value: $29.95) Lots of great ideas on how to market all sorts of products.
  • Bonanza: How To Start Your Own Ebook Business in 4 Easy Steps
  • Report: Kirt Christensen’s System for Using a New Software Combo That Churns Out Quality Links To Your Site! Easily Get 35-40 Sites To Link To You Per Hour
  • Chronicles: 20 Issues of the $197/year newsletter on Internet and marketing strategies.
  • Report: How To Get A Million Dollars Worth of Publicity FREE!
  • Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins (Value: $19.97)
    A classic that everyone in marketing should read.
  • The Greatest Marketing Secrets of the Ages by Yanik Silver
  • Secrets From The Internet Marketing SuperConference (Value: $29.97)
    Top Internet Marketing experts show you their secrets.
  • Vend-O-Matic (Value: $34.95 with Resell Rights)
    Automatically builds profit generating web vending pages.
  • Internet Email, Beyond the Basics by Jim Daniels (Value: $19.95)
    A complete guide to promoting your business with email.

    WOW! That’s more than $4055.20 worth of the above bonuses. Plus, the 25 hours of video from my $4,997.00 full program on DVD. You get the same video they get.

    Now, you’d probably expect to pay at least three or four thousand dollars for this much material. The bonuses alone are worth more. And remember how much you’ll be making from each and every project you create. It will be worth quite a bit to you to be able to produce at that level. And it certainly would not be unfair for me to charge a couple thousand dollars for this copywriting course.

    But that’s not what you’re going to pay because I want this to be very affordable for you. So, I’m not pricing it at two thousand dollars, not fifteen hundred dollars and not even a thousand dollars. No.

    You can have the entire package as described above with all 25 hours of video on DVD and over four thousand dollars worth of bonuses for only $997, if you act today. I can’t guarantee the price won’t go up without further notice. I could even decide to take it off the market.

    If you put off buying this copywriting course, think of the money you lose. Let’s say you only write an average of one sales letter/web site copy per month. If you ONLY made $5,000.00 from each sales letter, over the course of a year of not acting on this offer, you would have lost at least $60,000.00.

    Can you afford that?

    You know, some people reading this are probably saying to themselves, “he’s overestimating that amount, I can’t really make that much.” And they’re right, if they think they can’t really make that much then they’ve already given up and this course is definitely NOT for them. And I hope you’re not one of them, because…

I really UNDER estimated the
amount of money you can make

    Look, I really can’t tell you how much money you can make with this. The government doesn’t allow me to. In fact, they say I have to tell you that you may not be able to make any money with this (or anything else for that matter). For someone who doesn’t do anything with it, they won’t make any money — and this course is definitely not for them. BUT, if you’re willing to apply what you learn in this course, the rewards can be unbelievable.

    Above, I said that over the period of a year of not acting on this offer, you’d actually be losing an estimated $60,000.00. That’s a modest amount…about what you’d get paid to write the average direct mail sales letter or web site copy at about one a month. But, writing copy for yourself could easily exceed this.

    And if only one of those attempts hit it big — by big I mean around $60,000.00 or more — you’d have been giving up a six-figure income by not acting now.

    That’s a pretty modest success rate of only 1 in 12. Actually, that’s a lousy success rate. Yet, even at that rate you are making a decent amount of money.