Creative Thinking for Entrepreneurs Workshop

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Product Description:

Everybody had more fun than a hot tub full of monkeys at Dan Kennedy’s

‘Creative Thinking For Entrepreneurs’ Workshop

So sorry you missed it – but would you like to eavesdrop on some of the highlights?

NEW insights into the creative/entrepreneurial thinking process as practiced by Dan Kennedy, and that could be worth a fortune!

Dan takes us through the nine different kinds of creative thinking, and discusses effective uses of them, to lead to business breakthroughs. Of great interest to most of us: How to feed the creative machine… and How to create at the speed of light! He points us to 17 different ways of avoiding the dreaded “Blank Page Syndrome.” So you can turn on creativity at will, not “when the mood

It’s worth mentioning, by the way, that Dan has been engaged in “creative thinking” professionally his entire adult life. He grew up in the
advertising business, briefly had a ‘traditional’ ad agency, has written copy and directed direct-response ad campaigns for thousands of
clients, coached creative teams in ad agencies and corporations, worked extensively in the TV infomercial business, created hundreds of
information products, had his own books recognized on INC. MAGAZINE’S ’100 best business books’ list (and Business Week and Amazon bestseller lists). He has brought numerous creative innovations to the seminar and info-marketing fields. This Workshop gave him an opportunity to share some of his most prized creative thinking strategies – and it is the only time he’s ever conducted this Workshop! – and you can “eavesdrop” on it, on these CDs.

But that’s not all! You’ll also receive Dan’s personal CREATIVE THINKING CHECKLIST, with EIGHTEEN Strategies for “manipulating” products, services, titles, offers, product “bundles,” ad and sales letter themes, to keep putting a “fresh look” on tried-and-true winners. There are more than NINETY “BRAIN-STARTER” EXAMPLES on this Checklist – 90!!!! Some you’ll be familiar with, some you won’t… grouped under the Eighteen Strategies. These Examples’ll quickly get your creative mind in gear, to apply the Strategies to your business.

Even that’s not all! There’s a second, private Checklist with 43 different kinds of thinking (“creative” is only 1 of the 43) that can produce new solutions to nagging problems that just won’t seem to go away… speed the creation of ads, sales letters, web site or other marketing materials…and simply make you a better entrepreneur.

And even that’s not all! Dan also has a short-list of SIX CREATIVE BUSINESS LIFE QUESTIONS he pushes himself and his clients to keep asking themselves, to use in constantly adjusting their deployment of their resources, time, and talents.

Here Are Some of the Specific Items:

How most business people make costly mistakes by leaping onto the first answer, the first idea that comes along. How to use ‘creativity checklists’ in day to day business. Develop a set, mechanical procedure for quickly but comprehensively responding to each new problem or opportunity.

Look in your kitchen cupboard or pantry. You’ll find clamps on potato chip bags. The clamps are the same clamps that are on clipboards at the office. This is an example of the #1, top-priority kind of creative thinking you need to prosper in business. How to internalize and practice “creative theft.”

How to recognize the #1 ENEMY of creativity AND shoot it dead on sight.

A creative exercise you can (and should) do on your own or with your team of key associates or employees to birth business, sales and profit breakthroughs. This WILL IMMEDIATELY REVEAL new opportunities in your business to… stand out from the crowd; attract media attention; confound your competition; sell more profitably at higher prices; get lost customers back – and have more fun.

King Kong Thinking: How to DOMINATE a target market.

Alchemy: how to create (more) value (and profit margin) out of nothing. How to make nothing something. (Listen for the Charlie One-Horse Story).

BillGlazer’s detailed description of a “Big Experiment” he recently ran in his retail business (adapting an idea visible to everybody) that revolutionizes the entire business and adds new ‘something-from-nothing’ profits… could this idea work for YOU? (Versions past and present: closed-door medical and dental practices, Playboy Clubs, Costco.) Here’s what’s cool: Dan suggested this… Bill did his homework… and he very quickly implemented it, from zero to successful implementation in less than 2 months.

How to EASILY, instantly make yourself much more creative. The ONE THING that Dan does, that most entrepreneurs don’t, that allows him to churn out five newsletters a month, books every year, keeps bringing fresh ideas to my customers-for-life, get paid huge sums to advise business leaders in so many different fields. You can copy this ONE SIMPLE STRATEGY and be amazed at your “revved up creativity.”