Killer Campaigns - Chris Brisson1

Killer Campaigns - Chris Brisson

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Easily Plug-in These Marketing Campaigns into Your Business & Let The ‘Systems’ Drive You More Traffic, Capture More Leads, and Automatically Generate More Sales – FOR YOU

Killer Campaigns - Chris Brisson3

These campaigns were modeled after Rich Schefren’s Strategic Profits company to maximize registrations, attendance, and drive more sales with segmented marketing.

You’ll get the following:

  • Step-by-step video training for creating your AUTOMATED & LIVE webinar marketing funnel
  • 30+ Pre-Written Emails to Plug-n-Play into your campaign
  • Pre-Designed Registration Page to maximize conversions
  • Pre-Designed Thank You Page
  • Access to the Segmenting Software for Post-Webinar Conversions
  • How to Turn Replays into Cash
  • How to Create Automatically Expiring Offers to Drive More Sales
  • and much more!

The best is that you can easily duplicate this campaign over and over again to use it for every webinar you ever create. Pay for it once and it it when you need it!

Killer Campaigns - Chris Brisson4 Killer Campaigns - Chris Brisson5 Killer Campaigns - Chris Brisson6

Two Campaigns For The Price of One

With this Killer Campaign, you’ll get both campaigns to create a finely tuned order process funnel to be just like Amazon with 1-click upsells & bumps as well as GoDaddy with the Perfect Cart Abandonment Campaign.

Here’s what these campaigns include:

  • Step-by-Step Video Training for Creating Your Optimized Order Funnel
  • The Proven 2-Step Checkout Funnel to Capture Leads Before the Purchase
  • The Proven 1-Step Checkout Funnel
  • Pre-Designed Checkout Order, Upsell, and One-Time-Offer Pages
  • How to Add Bumps into Your Order Forms to Increase Lifetime Value
  • 5+ Cart Abandon Email Copy to Save Your Sales
  • All the Sequences, Tags, and Everything in Between
  • And much more!

In less than 60 minutes you’ll have your own optimized order process to start maximizing revenue with 1-click upsells, one-time-offers, and the entire sequence to automate it all!

Killer Campaigns - Chris Brisson7 Killer Campaigns - Chris Brisson8

With this campaign, modeled after Dropbox, you’ll be able to create a viral and automated referral campaign to turn your visitors, prospects, customers, and clients into traffic driving machines.

With this campaign, you’ll get…

  • The full step-by-step video training to build your own viral referral system
  • How to use Facebook, Twitter, and Google to Drive Your Traffic
  • Two Landing Pages to Capture Leads and Share Your Website

Killer Campaigns - Chris Brisson9

Get the campaign to automate the WOW factor just like Zappos to turn your customers into raving fans!

You’ll get the exact campaign to automate handwritten thank you cards to send to your customers.

  • Pre-Designed Postcards To Send To Your Clients
  • The Exact Ad to Find People to Handwrite Your Thank You Cards for You For Less Than $0.35!
  • Step-by-Step Video Training to Build This Entire Campaign with Infusionsoft

Killer Campaigns - Chris Brisson10

Just the same way that Zynga uses “gamification” to drive traffic and generate sales within their apps, is the same way you can use this campaign to start driving traffic with your website.

You’ll get access to…

  • The step-by-step video training to create and duplicate the campaign
  • How to Give Rewards When Someone Likes or Shares Your Page
  • Tag contacts when they share or like your website or Fan Page

Killer Campaigns - Chris Brisson11

You’ll get instant access to all 7 Infusionsoft Marketing Campaigns for one deeply discounted price.

  1. Dropbox Campaign
    Turn your website into a traffic magnet. This campaign turns each visitor, customer, and client into a referral machine.
  2. Zynga Campaign
    Gamify your website and business to drive more traffic for free and make more sales, effortlessly.
  3. GoDaddy
    The Perfect Cart Abandonment Campaign created turn your Cart abandons into cash!
  4. Amazon Campaign
    1-Click Upsells, Bumps, One-Time-Offers, Checkout Pages, and More!
  5. LIVE Webinar Marketing Funnel
    The finely tuned Webinar Marketing Funnel that you can easily duplicate to generate more sales with Webinars.
  6. AUTOMATED Webinar Marketing Funnel
    The perfectly optimized automated webinar marketing funnel built to drive more registrations, increase your attendance, and generate more sales on complete autopilot.
  7. Zappos
    Create a referral system by outsourcing and handwriting customer thank you cards for each new customer.