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for Serious RP Clients That Want To Stay Competitive, Save Time and Access Premium Education.
Do you feel fed up and short on time when it comes to getting the right answers to your diet and training questions?

Tired of looking in the wrong places for answer to basic questions about how to execute your diet and training plans?

We hear you loud and clear. which is why we launched Renaissance Plus. our brand new members-only website where you’re put directly in touch with the experts that have the answers.

After 4 years of serving over 50,000 satisfied clients we are taking the next step to providing you with even more personalized, accessible and readily available information and guidance.


One of the biggest challenges that many of our clients struggle with can be summed up in one word: time.
Time spent on finding the proper resources and education material, time spent on sifting through answers from other RP clients in our private Facebook client group, time spent on figuring out whether the well-intended answers from fellow clients are appropriate, time wasted doing research.

You get the picture. How do we know? We asked you and roughly 30,000 other clients to take our survey; you overwhelmingly told us you want more science backed education and better answers to your nutrition and training questions.


In addition, we have set up forums that are organized by topic and focus such as dieting (beginner + advanced), training (CrossFit, strongman, weightlifting), physique (male + female). In addition we’ve added an exclusive food and recipes section. All forums are closely moderated by our hand-picked and in-house trained staff to answer your questions. Finally, no more repetitive questions clogging up your feed.
What Does This Mean For You?
Answers to your RP template questions – from an RP team member! The staff will answer any questions you have short of writing you a plan (which the coaches at RP are specialists in). No more confusion, no more having to question the source of the advice, just straight to the point answers from those paid to be in the know. Our staff is hired specifically and only to HELP YOU get the answers you need.

In addition, our weekly live webinars, weekly new videos, weekly Q and A Webinars with RP Coaches and weekly new articles are made available only on RP+ and nowhere else. This means you now have so much more support to succeed in your goals, get results faster and elevate your fitness to higher and higher levels.

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